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The Arizona Community Media Foundation (AzCMF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed by concerned citizens who desire to provide access to independent, educational, community-focused broadcast media outlets serving Arizona.  We exist to provide a voice for traditionally underrepresented groups and perspectives unavailable within mainstream media.

Your  tax deductible contributions support community radio in the Valley.

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Vinyl Week
Volunteer Opportunities
Medea Benjamin Interview
Moroccan Journalist Visit


Notice of Annual Meeting of the Arizona Community Media Foundation

The Board of Directors of the Arizona Community Media Foundation invites you to the annual meeting of the Foundation to be held in Room 202, Phoenix Center for the Arts, 1202 North 3rd Street, Phoenix, on Saturday, June 13 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Welcome and meet the directors presented by Jeanne Frieden

Foundation projects  presented by Victor Aronow

Radio Phoenix operations over the last year presented by Kaja Brown, general manager

Events and collaborations presented by Victor Aronow

Volunteer training and activities presented by Jeanne Frieden

Financial reports presented by Victor Aronow

Disposition of the Foundation construction permit presented by Bill Morgan

Questions from members and participants

Foundation members, volunteers,  staff, and members of the public are encouraged to attend.  Your participation and questions are welcomed.

For more information,  call us at 480-829-5746.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you.

Jeanne Frieden, Secretary
Training Program Builds Local Programming
New Summer Schedule

     The programmer training course conducted by Kaja Brown, Tashema Oates, and Victor Aronow has been  bringing a lot of local talent to the forefront over the last few months.  From local news programming to the best of hip-hop culture, our volunteers are working hard to produce better sounds and more information you can use every day.  Our Radio Phoenix summer schedule is up and running, bringing you more local programming, a wider variety of insightful and progressive news and opinions, and music from Native America, Brazil, around the world, and our own back yard.  For our new schedule and a program description, click here:

 Bass & Breaks   Airtime: Fri 11p-12mid.

Bass & Breaks showcases the best in underground electronic music. From breaks and electro through to dubstep and drum & bass. Hosted by London-based DJ Mike Swaine.


Global Village Airtime: Sat 2p-3p.

Global Village features the latest and best in world music, new releases, and classics along with a wide variety of artists and selections from other genres that have influences from around the world. The show draws on the knowledge, experience and congenial personality of host Chris Heim - and a library of over 40,000 albums, including many out-of-print titles - to pull these musical strands together into an intriguing and captivating whole.


ILLROC Radio Airtime: Sat 4p-6p.

ILLROC Radio, produced in partnership with Cyphers: The Center for Urban Arts, is a weekly series educating the public about hip hop culture. Providing an outlet for artists, musicians, and dancers not often featured on mainstream urban radio stations in the Valley. ILLROC Radio features discussions about issues relevant to urban youth, new music that has not yet caught on in the mainstream media, and exclusive mixes curated by DJ Akshen, spotlighting local, national, and internationally renowned mix DJ’s. Hosted by Johnny Castro and Skooby Morales. An Original Radio Phoenix Production.


Song: Mirror of the World Airtime: Mon 6a-7a.

Song: Mirror of the World takes a broad, humanities-based approach to the role of song in society. The series explores the relationship of song to cultural movements, historical events, and intellectual thought. There is a special focus on cross-cultural dialogues throughout the European continent, and between Europe and the United States. Hosted by Thomas Hampson.


The Chill Zone Airtime: Sat 9p-11p.

Cill Zone is a weekly series spotlighting some of the best in electronic music, with an emphasis on dubstep and related forms of the genre. Hosted by Max Blue. An Original Radio Phoenix Production.


The DreamWeaver Airtime: Wed 12noon-2pm.

Join the DreamWeaver for some random radio, interviews, album reviews, live music in the Valley and more. It’s a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll…sometimes blues and it’s always got soul. Hosted by Alan Weaver (aka DreamWeaver). An Original Radio Phoenix Production.


Rockabilly Worldwide Mashup Airtime: Monday 9p-10p, repeats Sunday 10p-11p

Rockabilly Worldwide Mashup features “rockabilly” old and new, an American blend of country swing, boogie woogie, jump blues and electric blues that is now heard around the world.  Hosted by DJ Bacpac. An Original Radio Phoenix Production.


Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan Fill Theater

Fundraiser Success Thanks to Our Supporters and Volunteers

On October 13, noted journalist Amy Goodman, along with co-author Denis Moyhihan, appeared at the Phoenix Center for the Arts and the Third Street Theater for a Fourth Anniversary fundraiser for Radio Phoenix.  Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers and with the cooperation of the staff at the Phoenix Center, the Amy and Denis drew a  sell-out crowd at  a pre-presentation reception, and filled the theater where Amy and Denis discussed their new book, "The Silenced Majority."

Amy and Denis have been taking "Democracy Now!," the most widely syndicated  news program in the world,on the road for a 100-city tour, starting with the Republican National Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, running up to Election Day. They've traveled  through many of the electoral swing states, going beyond the mainstream media’s obsessive focus on the latest poll numbers and candidate gaffes, to examine how people are organizing; the impacts of restrictive voter ID laws that are making it harder to vote; and how the massive influx of campaign cash following the Citizens United decision is changing how our democracy works.

On October 12, Amy and Denis were in Bisbee, Arizona, for a presentation at community radio station KBRP, a low power station now celebrating its seventh year on the air.  The next day, the duo were in Tucson in the morning to support  KXCI.   By three in the afternoon, they were still speaking to the crowd and hadn't begun signing books yet; but the folks at Radio Phoenix weren't worried.  Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers under the direction of Board member Jeanne Frieden, the reception at the Phoenix Center for the Arts started at 6 PM, and right on cue, Amy and Denis walked in the door.


   Volunteer  or intern for Radio Phoenix and AzCMF

Volunteers and interns needed
for administration, production, programming, music reviews, and all the other tasks it takes to keep Radio Phoenix on the air. 

Check out the list of openings available for every interest and skill here.

You are invited to attend the next volunteer orientation meeting:

Saturday, June 13, 2015; 1:00 PM
Radio Phoenix Studio
Phoenix Center for the Arts
1202 North 3rd Street, Phoenix
(parking lot on north side of building on 3rd Street, just south of Hance park)

At this orientation, you will learn about what community radio is, the mission of Radio Phoenix, organization of AzCMF and Radio Phoenix, volunteer and intern opportunities, and our training tracks to begin your lifetime in radio.

Introductory volunteer and orientation meetings are forty-five minutes long.   We look forward to seeing you.


 Studio B Presents:
Exclusive Medea Benjamin Interview, July 31, 2012

Medea Benjamin -- radical activist, feminist, cofounder of Code Pink and Global Exchange, and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, was in town at the end of August to talk about her new book, "Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control."  She had a chance to stop by Studio B at Radio Phoenix where she was interviewed by Victor Aronow.  The discussion ranged from her awakening to activism, through mom and kids in an activist family, to President Obama and her hopes for the future.  More on Medea Benjamin and Code Pink




 Progressive Moroccan Journalists Visit Radio Phoenix

Radio Phoenix is becoming a favorite spot for US State Department tours by progressive journalists from around the world.  After the visit by the South African delegation a few months ago, we thought that our straight talk about media, money, and monopoly would have made the State Department think twice before sending us more journalists.  But on July 2, four progressive journalists from Morocco spent two hours at the studio learning about the realities of American radio, then tried out Mexican food and tequila with Board members.  


Equipment Fund Growing; New Programs Coming
    Recent experiments with remote broadcasting and broadcasting interviews have created a big increase in listeners as Radio Phoenix brings the progressive and significant political, social, and cultural events to your ear.  We will continue to expand our coverage, but need your help beyond just operating the station.  The "dedicated equipment fund" is a tax-deductible contribution to Radio Phoenix that will only be used for equipment purchases to improve our programming.  Contribute her.  And thanks for your support.

8 microphone booms   @ $800    Four down, and 4 to go!
4 microphones             @ $600    DONE 
computer (used)           @ $250    DONE!
T1 phone system          @ $250    DONE!
Remote broadcast        @ $1,500
4 channel mixer           @ $200
Remote Mixer              @ $100    DONE!

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